I help professionals grow their business with passive income.
30+ years in the Industry.

Principle-Driven. Leadership. Discipline.

Steve M. Lee is an extraordinary entrepreneur and business owner who has achieved the impressive feat of creating multiple streams of seven figure income. He has successfully built multiple companies and has become a leader in his industry, inspiring others with his innovative ideas and strong work ethic.

Over the years, Steve M. Lee has helped numerous businesses increase their revenue and strengthen their teams. One of the key ways he has done this is through his innovative approach to problem-solving and his ability to identify untapped business opportunities.


Steve's Featured Keynote

“Let me show you how to get what you want. Side-gig money, more time to play and with family. Looking younger and living healthier. It’s SO SIMPLE… you can have it all.”

Another way Steve has helped businesses grow is by building and leading strong teams. He is a skilled leader who is able to inspire and motivate his employees to achieve their best work. He has a knack for assembling the right people for the job and creating a positive, collaborative work environment that promotes growth and success.

Through his dedication, hard work, and innovative approach, Steve M. Lee has helped countless businesses increase their revenue, improve their operations, and build strong teams. He is a true asset to any company and a valuable resource for any entrepreneur looking to achieve success.

Leadership is not about being in charge, it's about taking charge and inspiring others to follow.

Steve M. Lee